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Olivia Moelo

atelier d'art contemporain in La Garde Freinet France

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Gill Brophy


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ken tottem

My work includes landscapes, seascapes, still life, animal paintings & portraits

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Lizbeth Spurgeon

Most of the painting I do comes from inspiration on the land and sky around us, I store the images and colours to produce expressionist landscapes and some more abstract works. You can contact me at lizbeth_s3@yahoo.co.uk

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A Sussex-based artist who works mainly with original collage.

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Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Cut Book Sculpture Art

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kip kavallares

Kip is an emerging artist who's primary interest is that of multilayers of colour laid down in an abstract fashion combining interesting marks and scrapes to create a piece which stimulates the eye and interest .

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John Connolly

About Inspired by sea, moors and woods, Johns work is full of drama and emotion. The ‘observer’ can experience a feeling of remoteness and ‘sense of place'.

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Joel Clark. Artist.

Contemporary Sculpture & Art using hand-cut vinyl to create collages applied to vehicle parts.

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martin cheek


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Claire shaw

I have decided to draw and paint again and would love to be able to share my artwork with others! I draw flowers and plants as they are a particular interest of mine.

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karlyn eckman


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Tiffany Logan

Nature inspired semi abstract paintings

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Marian Williams

Of all forms of art, Marian prefers to express herself through collage. Her analog compositions combine acrylic paint and oil paint, original illustrations dating from 1900 till today and three dimensional recycled components. The works, influenced by pop art, dadaism and surrealism, show originality and freshness.

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Katrina Rose

Mainly land, sky and seascapes on canvas.

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