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Rupert Aker

I am a landscape painter, working mainly in oils, based in the Cotswold Hills in England. I am inspired by the light and the land of the countryside that surrounds me.

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Bayswater Road Sunday Art Exhi

A collective of artists who exhibit at Bayswater Road, London W2 every Sunday

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Jan Adams Art

House Portrait Artist

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Theodora Anagor is one of London’s most influential fashion designers who side steps conventionalism to create individual wearable clothes that can be found on the backs of dedicated followers of fashion all-round the globe. She studied fashion design at St Martins College of Art and then went on to setting up her own business selling to shops in London, Holland, Japan, Paris and New York.

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Castle Artists

Castle Artists are a group of local artists and craftspeole based in the town of Bishops Castle and the surrounding area of South Shropshire.

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tom asquith


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Jason Adamson

Cultural Portraits and more! Check it out ....

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Shane Ashen

I live in Spain and my work is inspired by the beautiful light, landscapes and villages of Mediterranean Spain.

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Wild Gentian Arts

Fused glass bowls, dishes and platters. Dichroic and iridised glass jewellery. Handmade watercolour artists books.

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mr ben

I produce mixed media pieces based around punk and new wave music and iconic images from the golden age of cinema. My techniques include a combination gel transfer, collage, acrylic, inks, and spray paint. I build layers of colour and texture and use cuttings from vintage music press papers and film magazines.

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Katy Aroha Art

Self-taught mixed-media artist.

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Vanessa Jane Atterville-Smith

ADHD Has defined much of my life and the person I am .. Art is my outlet . It allows me to achieve a sense of achievement and fulfilment enabling me to value who I am and to communicate the emotions which escape my spoken attempts to reach out..connect ...touch the outside world and those around me. Art is my friend.. my therapist.. my voice and my soul. I've been told my work speaks to people.. I hope you are able to hear me.....

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Claudia Araceli

The great outdoors is my studio, I am one of those mad all year round plein air Watercolour Artists. As for my work, I aim to capture the atmosphere, light and essence of what I see around me. The subjects I paint are vast, I cannot predict what I will see that inspires in any particular moment. It might be hazy light, a storm or a feeling of deja vu. I just know I love it!

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