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Bathroom Mosaic - detail of the centre section
Mosaic pieces using primarily recycled materials
member for 5 Years
Mosaic 'HOME' sign and key hanger
Beautiful, colourful mosaics using recycled materials by Brighton based artist and teacher Caroline Budden.
member for 8 Years
Chelsea Gold 2014
Contemporary mosaics in mixed media, mostly ceramic wall tiles but also including glass, mirror and vintage jewellery. Also acrylic abstract landscape canvases.
member for 6 Years
Mosaic hand of Aimee
Aimee Harman from Peacehaven East Sussex, Working as a Mosaic Artist for 17 Years.
member for 6 Years
Garden furniture: Ammonite patio set
garen furniture and sculpture
member for 7 Years
I have a passion for both mosaic and sculpture and I am a member of the British Association of Modern Mosaic and also Surrey Sculpture Society. I have completed both private and public commissions as well as developing an on going body of work for exhibition.
member for 4 Years
large shoal of glass fish
Fused and slumped glass often combined with beach combing finds
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als fireplace2
extraordinary patterns,
member for 7 Years
Mürüde Mehmet is a resident artist and runs the pottery studio at the Bromley by Bow Centre. MüJo Ceramics was established in 2005 with John Crabb. Both run a number of ceramic workshops and tutorials, both for members of the community and private clients.
member for 4 Years