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Sheila Marlborough

I paint semi-abstract landscapes and still life in acrylics or mixed media.on canvas. Colour, texture and shapes are my main interest.

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leyla murr

colourfull abstract paintings, human figures and seascapes - versatile artist

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Heraldic Artist and Calligrapher, painting heraldic arms in colour or as requested. I accept commissions for heraldry or calligraphy works and am happy to discuss projects beforehand, including for the enquiries for handpainted illuminated initial letters on watercolour paper, ordered for custom wedding or birthday gifts. I also have a selection of 6 x 6"printed heraldic animal cards and 6 x 4" calligraphy message cards. I am happy to discuss any enquiries for possible commissions from anyone interested in any aspect of my work.

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Paul Maguire

Abstract, surreal, experimental.

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Alexander MacFaul

Contemporary Cityscapes and landscapes inspired by light and movement

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Mark McLaughlin

House portraits, contemporary watercolour and oil paintings

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Olivia Moelo

atelier d'art contemporain in La Garde Freinet France

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Karin Murray


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chris mitton


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Alison Meek

I love using saturated colours or simple black and white: colour conveys emotions, reactions, tensions, moments in time that are experienced but not seen. Using line for life drawing lets me practice optimum co-ordination between eye and hand, free from thought expressed in words, allowing for a universal language.

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Julia Mee

Julia Alexandra Mee is a practising fresco painter and art historian, with a studio at WASPS Artists Studios in Edinburgh where she works to commission, preparing fresco projects and painting frescoes in situ in private villas in Italy.

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Delcia McNeil

I am a mixed media painting and digital artist creating abstract images with metaphysical themes.

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Hi I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork, as there is a range of different drawings and mixed media art on my home website!

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Marney Merrett

Pet Portraits

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Laura Anne Marsden

Eternal Lace sculptural creations. 2D stitched art works.

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