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Cabinet maker and wood craftsman
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Blooming Lovely Flower Table No.2
Furniture Designer/Maker
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Tea Table
wood artisan - furniture, stairs, homewares
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Yew Sleep 11 (asleep in the wood)
Authentic and finely hand carved Welsh Love spoons
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off kilter coffee table
I design and make small items of sculptural furniture, frames and abstracts
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Lady with an Ermine
sculptor in wood
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A retired Medical Researcher in the Military who now enjoys his home in the bush to create pleasing images and useful items from woody waste.
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Gentleman's Cabinet
I established my cabinet-making business in 1981 and have been designing and making bespoke contemporary pieces to the very highest standards since then. I have been awarded five prestigious Guild Marks and have been commissioned to work for customers such as HRH Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones. My work has also appeared on several TV programmes.
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IMG 3723
I was brought up on Salsbury Plain but spent most of my life in South Yorkshire.I am qualified in furniture design but have taught Design & Technology for 40 years. I was a assistant headteacher responsible for staff and new teacher training. Since retiring I have been able to develop my passion for wood, the open landscape and architecture. I have always been inspired by Barbara Hepworth and her peers. My original woks are based on using the natural faults and characteristics of various woods. All works are produced to the highest quality of finish to enhance the qualities of the woods
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