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John Jacques

Furniture Designer/Maker

163 works | member for 5 Years

mike davies2

Authentic and finely hand carved Welsh Love spoons

92 works | member for 8 Years

A J Forbes

I design and make small items of sculptural furniture, frames and abstracts

7 works | member for 5 Years

Steve Heath

Wildlife carvings in wood

30 works | member for 5 Years

chris alley

wood artisan - furniture, stairs, homewares

39 works | member for 6 Years

Avery Howell

Cabinet maker and wood craftsman

341 works | member for 6 Years


A retired Medical Researcher in the Military who now enjoys his home in the bush to create pleasing images and useful items from woody waste.

109 works | member for 2 Years

david baker


36 works | member for 17 Years

Huw Edwards-Jones

I established my cabinet-making business in 1981 and have been designing and making bespoke contemporary pieces to the very highest standards since then. I have been awarded five prestigious Guild Marks and have been commissioned to work for customers such as HRH Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones. My work has also appeared on several TV programmes.

144 works | member for 7 Years