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Bathroom Mosaic - detail of the centre section
Mosaic pieces using primarily recycled materials
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The Paperqueen
Children's Book Illustrations
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Toad     by  Judy Evans
An artists co-operative run gallery
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Michael Galliah
I enjoy painting in Acrylic on stretched canvas or canvas board, and my style is in an abstract and contemporary theme.
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Alison Bull
I have always held a passion for Art Practice although my previous career has been within the Horticultural industry and plant science research. I previously gained qualifications for Horticulture, Applied Biology (Plant Sciences). Since 1998 I have increased my education in art as a change in direction. My specific interests are three dimensional work with kinetic elements, painting, printing, sound art and video. My work aims to show my fascination with living organisms, a constant cycle of new life and degeneration. I consider organic function to be similar to that of a machine and the cycle of time.
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Reflections 1
Modern, abstract, figurative, ethnic and colourful artwork.
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Black Dog Ex 1
Paintings and Calligraphy
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photography and sculpture
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Exciting original Paintings in oil on stretched canvas
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Cool Mushrooms
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Nightfall on the turnpike road
I am a painter printmaker specialising in etching which is a medium that has been developed by artists for its own intrinsic qualities and is now often used to produce single images as individual as paintings.
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Abstract still life
acrylic on canvas 36"x36"
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oil and watercolour on canvas and paper, etchings, collographs and silk screen prints.
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In Bloom - rose 2
Try not to have a defined process when painting the work, just let the piece evolve as it happens, regardless of media.
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Fine artist
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Cheeky Monkeys
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landscape artist
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Purple Iris
My aim is to capture the beauty and light surrounding us in a contemporary and impressionist style
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m= E/C2
Born in Mendoza, Argentina, Carmen is an accomplished printmaker that has lived in England for 48 years.
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Bit of a mix really!
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I paint in oil, acrylic and pastel. The subjects I enjoy painting are landscapes, seascapes, flowers and animals. I love colour and this is evident in my painting and photography.
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Wood in Skopelos
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Self Portrait
Commercial art - storyboards, caricatures, comic strips, illustrations
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Head of Peace
Visionary paintings, drawings and prints
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We sell a range of geometric and abstract prints. Our passion is Op Art
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2 Dalmations
My current project is a series of dog paintings. My objective is not to create the predictably kitsch images often associated with animal art, but to communicate the subject matter in a more intelligent and contemporary way.
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Flower brooches and headband
Living in the High Peak in Derbyshire since 1993, I have knitted since I was 5 years old and crocheted from the age of 11. I prefer to use mainly natural fibres. I also make jewelry using recycled beads and buttons.
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I am an artist, based in Glasgow
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Black Combe, Cumbria
Artist and Printmaker
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A windy day
paintings and greetings cards in water colour and mixed media, ink wash ink drawings
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Shar Mountains
I am an artist working with different media but mainly paintings and sculpture.
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Painting in oils and mixed media. Sculpture in alabaster and clay.
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