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Bathroom Mosaic - detail of the centre section
Mosaic pieces using primarily recycled materials
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The Paperqueen
Children's Book Illustrations
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Cool Mushrooms
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oil and watercolour on canvas and paper, etchings, collographs and silk screen prints.
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Toad     by  Judy Evans
An artists co-operative run gallery
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In Bloom - rose 2
Try not to have a defined process when painting the work, just let the piece evolve as it happens, regardless of media.
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Fine artist
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Alison Bull
I have always held a passion for Art Practice although my previous career has been within the Horticultural industry and plant science research. I previously gained qualifications for Horticulture, Applied Biology (Plant Sciences). Since 1998 I have increased my education in art as a change in direction. My specific interests are three dimensional work with kinetic elements, painting, printing, sound art and video. My work aims to show my fascination with living organisms, a constant cycle of new life and degeneration. I consider organic function to be similar to that of a machine and the cycle of time.
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Cheeky Monkeys
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Exciting original Paintings in oil on stretched canvas
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Red 1 (Diptych)
Modern, abstract, figurative, ethnic and colourful artwork.
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Burned Man
I enjoy painting in Acrylic mainly on stretched canvas and canvas board. I mainly paint in the style of abstract and contemporary.
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landscape artist
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m= E/C2
Born in Mendoza, Argentina, Carmen is an accomplished printmaker that has lived in England for 48 years.
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Abstract still life
acrylic on canvas 36"x36"
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Black Dog Ex 1
Paintings and Calligraphy
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Bit of a mix really!
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I paint in oil, acrylic and pastel. The subjects I enjoy painting are landscapes, seascapes, flowers and animals. I love colour and this is evident in my painting and photography.
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Open ring with natural red garnet
Are you looking for a special jewelry for a friend, family, or for you and your partner? We offer original designed rings, earrings, necklace and pendants... with sterling silver. Some of the open rings and earrings are ready for shipping. Couple rings and closed rings are made to order. It takes 7-10 days to make them. So you are encouraged to communicate with us about your requirements. All items are sent in carefully packed gift boxed. Ready to be presented as a gift.
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Wood in Skopelos
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Self Portrait
Commercial art - storyboards, caricatures, comic strips, illustrations
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Head of Peace
Visionary paintings, drawings and prints
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Nightfall on the turnpike road
I am a painter printmaker specialising in etching which is a medium that has been developed by artists for its own intrinsic qualities and is now often used to produce single images as individual as paintings.
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We sell a range of geometric and abstract prints. Our passion is Op Art
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2 Dalmations
My current project is a series of dog paintings. My objective is not to create the predictably kitsch images often associated with animal art, but to communicate the subject matter in a more intelligent and contemporary way.
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Flower brooches and headband
Living in the High Peak in Derbyshire since 1993, I have knitted since I was 5 years old and crocheted from the age of 11. I prefer to use mainly natural fibres. I also make jewelry using recycled beads and buttons.
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I am an artist, based in Glasgow
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Black Combe, Cumbria
Artist and Printmaker
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Shar Mountains
I am an artist working with different media but mainly paintings and sculpture.
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A windy day
paintings and greetings cards in water colour and mixed media, ink wash ink drawings
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Painting in oils and mixed media. Sculpture in alabaster and clay.
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