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Gill Gill

Original illustrations, oils, watercolours, ink drawings and prints for sale, inspired by the Scottish and North-east coasts and Northumberland. My designs are also available on mugs and cards.

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kal ide

started a few years ago exploring digital art

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abstract thinking by izzy

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michelle wooldridge

Artist and firefighter

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Jamie Lyn Designs

I am a multi talented artist, born and raised in California. I have been involved with arts and crafts for as long as I can remember and have never lost my passion for it. I have taken multiple art classes and programs both in school as well as outside of school. I currently own a line of stuffed animals called Buggers that I created and am hoping to be able to sell all my other artwork as well.

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Irina Smolnikova

I produce authoring interior porcelain dolls for over 10 years, is a participant of the annual Moscow International salon of dolls, no one does not like dolls as I love them ...

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Tatiana Gordeychik


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Freya Laetitia Stinton

I am a watercolourist, interested in wildlife, domestic animals and landscape painting.

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Fiona Lim

Specialized in acrylic painting on canvas and mixed media art

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Nicholas Peter Coker

I am a self taught painter. My work focuses on aviation, specifically WWII aircraft. My interest is creating pieces that focus on the esthetics of the aircraft and not placing them in a wartime context. In my newer work I am interested in the human connection between 'man and machine'.

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Allison Garrod

My aim is to capture the beauty and light surrounding us in a contemporary and impressionist style

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