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Don Dixon

I have painted off and on for as long as I can remember. That's not so long at my age!

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Elena Gabbasova

I paint pastel and oil technic.

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Chloe Sans Daphnis


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Pat Heydlauff


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Niamh Sinclair


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Rocio Reyes Cortez

This collection of oil paintings explores people re-defining their identity in order to recreate their worlds, expanding beyond their present existence. Thus, re-creating and imagining new conceptions of the body, sexuality and fantasy.

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John Baroque

Landscapes, Portraits (Classic Motor Vehicles, Pets, People) Surrealism, Abstracts, Psychedelics: Many works unframed in A4 format for sale at economical prices (Free Postage for A4s any where in mainland UK)

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Mark Hinch

Traditional painter, working with a loose and broad brush style, capturing colour and form in unusual light

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Sarah Allan

I would describe my paintings as intuitive, playful and energetic. Rich with colour and emotion, expressively painted and visually engaging. I work in a media range of acrylic paint, ink, collage and resins.

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Julie bennett

Painter and children's illustrator.

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I am a student from NTU

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A. Weed

A. Weed is a perpetual student of the Universe, writer, scientist, and artist. Most of her artwork is hand-painted, original, and surreal. She loves the duality and balance of Nature, and pays ode to it in many of her creations.

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