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Dianne Heap

Watercolour, Acrylic, Aceo paintings, prints and crafts

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Rozanna Wojceik

Art is my way to connect to people, nature, healing and beauty. Painting and photography allows my creativity to just flow and be one with all that is around me.

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I am an architecture graduate who has found a passion in geometrical abstract drawings. Inspired by 2D plans and building drawings, these have evolved throughout the years into what you can see in my "Geometry Collection". In short, they are exercises for me, methods of contemplation and communication. They are not meant to be understood, nor are they meant to say something specific, but they are meant to tickle the eye, attract it, and make you get lost in what's happening inside, however you may percieve it. is part of a bigger kingdom of elements, all working together in harmony.

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Jonathan Clemente

Original Paintings

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Rita Linney

Yorkshire born, now living in Ireland, I am inspired by the west coast and the Atlantic ocean. I am creating new works continuously.

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Steve Campbell

Newcomer to this type of creative expression.

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Udo Duske

I am originally from Africa I have always had a love of good art

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Galea Belinscaia

I am a studio potter creating individual pieces in clay, using only traditional hand-made clay sculpting techniques.

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Vanessa Jane Atterville-Smith

ADHD Has defined much of my life and the person I am .. Art is my outlet . It allows me to achieve a sense of achievement and fulfilment enabling me to value who I am and to communicate the emotions which escape my spoken attempts to reach out..connect ...touch the outside world and those around me. Art is my friend.. my therapist.. my voice and my soul. I've been told my work speaks to people.. I hope you are able to hear me.....

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