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frances doherty

thrown and handbuilt sculpture based on seedpods, plants and flowers

110 works | member for 12 Years

Arty Aitch

Acrylic abstracts and paintings inspired by nature.

121 works | member for 11 Years

mark duffin


518 works | member for 8 Years

lesley-anne doole

both realist and expressionist images

128 works | member for 11 Years

David Duncan

Artist, Painter & Occasional Sculptor

78 works | member for 4 Years

lucy dray

Hi! My name is Lucy, I am a self taught artist. I have always had a suppressed desire to paint. But due to home and work commitments, I only produced a dozen or so pictures in 45 years. Then health problems forced me to leave my job in clothing production. I attended a art workshop and meet an artist who's kind words of encouragement set me back on the creative path. I now find time to paint.

33 works | member for 5 Months

fiona duffy

Studied textile/ fashion and interior design.

15 works | member for 5 Years

Allison Day

I am an artist and illustrator. I was born in London, but live in the beautiful Sussex countryside. My heart is rural, but my soul is urban. My work reflects both.

24 works | member for 5 Years

Margaret Denholm

Mainly contemporary impressionist seascapes and landscapes as well as vibrant floral still life.

135 works | member for 6 Months

fleur deakin

Mixed media paintings of flowers and landcapes

60 works | member for 10 Years

tilia dlanzo

artist designer producer Commissions: spatial installations interior/exterior landscaping television productions ~ arts & music

1 works | member for 5 Years

ikuko danby

abstract and semi-abstract oil painting

51 works | member for 10 Years

Maria Biryukova-Dutton

British-Russian artist, illustrator and graphic designer, who works mainly in ink drawing technique. Only one flying line can depict the character of the moment. I find my inspiration in a beauty of human body, dance and music. I used to live in a many different countries and different languages, cultures and landscapes always gives me the creative influence and incourage.

290 works | member for 6 Years

Wendy Darker

Animal paintings

49 works | member for 9 Years

Elizabeth Diggins

Natural history studies of insects, animals and found objects in graphite pencil

67 works | member for 10 Years