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Chilli - Negative in Repetition
Angela Diplock is a Visual Artist and Civil Engineer, currently based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.
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Fallen Angel
thrown and handbuilt sculpture based on seedpods, plants and flowers
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Life's Little Ups and Downs
Acrylic abstracts and paintings inspired by nature.
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Liberty Gallery premises
Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
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Jar of shells
Natural history studies of insects, animals and found objects in graphite pencil
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abstract and semi-abstract oil painting
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Mixed media paintings of flowers and landcapes
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serenity head
figurative and abstract paintings
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I was born in a rough area of London. I'm now living in the depths of the countryside but I have an urban soul. I'm fascinated by the contrast between rural and street life. Wheeler dealers in 60's London - people I knew, people I ran to....or from; or a timeless landscape under imminent threat.....
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Ms Lassies House Southsound
Oils, watercolours and acrylics, beach scenes, landscapes, caribbean art and life drawing.
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SASHA German Shepherd
Landscapes, Flowers, Portraits, Pet Portraits (mainly dogs and horses). Largely self-taught - Watercolours in the seventies, Pastel paintings from the eighties, Oils from 1995 and Acrylics since 2004. Has a small detached studio beside the woods. Treasurer of the Peebles Art Group. Organiser of Peebles Annual Art Exhibition held in the Gallery, Tweeddale Museum, Chambers Institution, Peebles.
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Michael Jackson
Mostly figurative some abstracts
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I create unique,one of a kind designs that you can't find anywhere else. These designs can be used for just about anything. I've been doing this for awhile now and I'm self taught. I love doing what I do and hope others will love what they see.
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Four Short Films, 2008
Paint, film, screen prints
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The Gate
Mostly dangerous.
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Yew Sleep 11 (asleep in the wood)
Authentic and finely hand carved Welsh Love spoons
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The girl in the Blue Hijab
Artist, Painter & Occasional Sculptor
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the show
Aviation and Aircraft Artist, acrylic paint on canvas, giclee prints
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Animal paintings
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Ilustration and Cartooning and Mixed Media
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Purple Haze
Contemporary pop art paintings of iconic film stars and rock stars. Acrylic on gallery style box canvas.
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Fractured Land 1
Abstract and landscape artist
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both realist and expressionist images
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Puffin Island with clouds
Member of the Royal Photographic Society
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Inspired by sedge Fen 1
Lively abstracted landscape art using acrylics. Teaches Intuitive Art in small groups
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Paintings which hint at the figurative but evade definition.
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Self taught sculptor in polymer clay, specialising in one of a kind figurines based on dancers, gymnasts and acrobats.
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 Charles I on horseback
Oil paintings
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Oil On Paper
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Bluebell Woods
My paintings express the feelings of the way I perceive the world around us. Colour form & texture being my passion into this exploration with paint. Drawings & photography form part of this process to bring about the final stage which you see here.
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I currently work with a mixture of photography, collage, video and language, drawing largely on my own experiences and background to create pieces with a strong sense of narrative.
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Cure. This linocut is now sold out however I have done a series in blue. This is a darker blue similar to the lighthouse blue. If you wish to purchase, please do so through this page. Many thanks.
Linocuts inspired by most thing local and all things lovely
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Flora III
Paintings, Original Graphics
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Carla Daly Art Prints for Kids
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Some file
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Oil on canvas landscape painting
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I graduated in 2001 from The Institute of Education, London with a P.G.C.E in Art and Design 11-18 yrs, having previously obtained a BA (Hons) Degree from Manchester Metropolitan University:Textiles Print/Weave. After graduation I assisted and taught within private institiutions and state run education programmes. I have kept up and developed my pracice at Rufford, The Norfolk School of Painting and The Leicester Print Workshop under expert tutoralidge and am currently working from my studio at Stamford Arts Centre. Predominantly producing contempoary figurative landscapes in Oils. I love working across a broad specturm of media including, painting, drawing, dry point etching, collagraph, and gum arabic printing. The subject matter determines what medium I depict. I hope you find my work aesthetically pleasing.
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I'm a photographer with a background in fine art. I enjoy working with a wide range of creative processes and also paint and draw.
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