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frances doherty

thrown and handbuilt sculpture based on seedpods, plants and flowers

114 works | member for 10 Years

Angela Diplock

Angela Diplock is a Visual Artist and Civil Engineer, currently based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

54 works | member for 3 Years

fleur deakin

Mixed media paintings of flowers and landcapes

41 works | member for 8 Years

Rebeccas Art

I am an artist, with a paintbrush...

47 works | member for 2 Years

Don Dixon

I have painted off and on for as long as I can remember. That's not so long at my age!

12 works | member for 1 Week

mark duffin


424 works | member for 6 Years


Oil paintings

144 works | member for 7 Years

Alison Doyle

Work part time - self taught, enjoys painting in watercolour and acrylics.

12 works | member for 5 Months

Wendy Darker

Animal paintings

30 works | member for 7 Years

David Duncan

Artist, Painter & Occasional Sculptor

64 works | member for 2 Years

Liberty Gallery

Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

562 works | member for 9 Years

ikuko danby

abstract and semi-abstract oil painting

29 works | member for 8 Years

Judi Donegan

Oils, watercolours and acrylics, beach scenes, landscapes, caribbean art and life drawing.

117 works | member for 8 Years


Oil On Paper

54 works | member for 4 Years

Elizabeth Diggins

Natural history studies of insects, animals and found objects in graphite pencil

72 works | member for 8 Years