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Emma Cownie

Born in Hereford, educated in Cardiff, I am a self-taught artist who lives in Swansea. I love light and colour. In my art I am drawn to light and shadows and how they shape our emotions. I use oil on linen canvas mainly. I remember visiting the South of France as a teenager and being mesmerized by the dazzling light, I have been attempting to capture that excitement about light in my paintings ever since. I particularly love the natural world, animals and landscapes. I am also drawn to empty places like churchyards, woods and hills. When I paint in oils I usually paint the light first and then layer the shadows and mid-tones. I try and make my colours bold and bright but as realistic as possible. I aim to make people look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary beauty in it.

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Heraldic Artist and Calligrapher, painting heraldic arms in colour or in black and white (ie ones registered with an appropriate heraldic authority) I also take commissions for handpainted illuminated initial letters on watercolour or silk fibre paper for custom gifts. and sell my own ranges of 6 x 6"printed heraldic animal cards and 6 x 4" calligraphy message cards. I am happy to discuss any enquiries for possible commissions from anyone interested in any aspect of my work.

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carol price

paintings,watercolour, limited edition, giclee prints, giclee, animal art, nature art, puffins,

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Nicky Cooney

Printmaker, Painter and Illustrator based in Oxfordshire UK

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Paul Maguire

Abstract, surreal, experimental.

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wendy puerto

Sunset Skies Seascapes Abstracts and all genre of fine Art, Commissions welcome.

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elise ferguson

Vivid representations of the countryside: landscapes, seascapes and gardens

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Patricia Colyer

The Artist Patricia Colyer is interested in the effect of light and movement in the terrain and by the enigmatic in the landscape. She works in series as explorations of journeys through a moment in time; an expression of the sense of place. Stories and music add to the narrative and the genius loci. Hence She paints both powerful dramatic works and quieter paintings.

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kim glass

oil and watercolour on canvas and paper, etchings, collographs and silk screen prints.

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Rachael Mia Allen

Rachael Infuses her paintings with a great sense of space and with a heartfelt connection to the energy of the places she is drawn to paint.

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mario kicker


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Alessandro Andreuccetti

I was born in San Gimignano, Italy , in 1955. I studied art and architecture in Florence before starting my job in 1980 as graphic designer.

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Drusilla Cole

Linocuts, especially reduction linocuts, etchings, and collagraph prints, giclee printed cards.

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Sandra Warmerdam

Paintings, Prints & Greeting Cards

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Vanessa cormack

Watercolour, acrylic, pastel oil and mixed media

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