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Sandy Rock pool
Hand painted / printed /embroidered silk artwork One off original textile artwork Acrylic paintings on canvas.
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Marionette I (30cm x 42cm)
Designer and Illustrator
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Rowan tree, garden
I am a painter and textile artist who graduated from Glasgow School of Art, specialising in Drawing and Painting. I enjoy wild landscapes, texture and colour.
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Verdigris Detail
Fibre Artist
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slow stitching and embroidery
Exploring the varying interpretations of the past, both historically and personally, is currently the focus of Jaki’s work: the cycle of life, birth and death.
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C2607 Chinese Silk Panel
Hire and purchase of fabrics for film, television and interior design
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Teresa with Doll
Uncanny textile sculpture of people and crows/rooks. Large installations. Drawings.
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Retro Romper
Groovy handmade clothing for babies 0-18months
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CRUK inspired dress
Award Winning Sustainable Clothing and Accessory
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Fun Flowers
Louisa's work highlights her eye for fashion and is shown in her clean, strong and uncluttered designs utilising a rich palette.
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Eternal Lace and silk wall hanging
Eternal Lace Interior and Fashion Accessories
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tyextile art and oil paintings
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An unwanted birthday
Lively and colourful
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Foaming wave
Skies, seascapes, landscapes in acrylic on canvas and in yarn
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Test Image 1
Fabric sporadic no longer a frock
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April in East Sussex
Unique art quilts and embroideries
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copper wall clock
handmade copper/pewter/gemstones/glass,clocks,mirrors,sconces etc from
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Lavender In Provence
A textile artist specialising in embroidery images utilising a variety of techniques.
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Knitted Textiles: Jackets, Tops, Hats, Scarves and Cushions
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Scottish visual artist
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Flower brooches and headband
Living in the High Peak in Derbyshire since 1993, I have knitted since I was 5 years old and crocheted from the age of 11. I prefer to use mainly natural fibres. I also make jewelry using recycled beads and buttons.
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