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The Arnold Lutz Art Museum

American Abstract Expressionist

14 works | member for 5 Years

happy british man

Inverted Portraits

49 works | member for 10 Years

Suzanna Reynolds


265 works | member for 7 Years

Wolfy Trix

Artist, Photographer

48 works | member for 2 Months


The picture of each painting comes from within i.e. my heart and soul which are my best guides. The manner of painting is abstract; a collection of colors, shaped by the lines which consequently creates a unique image. Each person perceives my painting differently. You see my painting and the image in my painting depending on your current perception.

27 works | member for 3 Years

Penny Dewhurst Photography

Member of the Royal Photographic Society and Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

211 works | member for 9 Years

colin ross jack

oils/acrylic/pastel, mostly representational

247 works | member for 9 Years

Carl Gamester

photography and sculpture

206 works | member for 6 Years

Rozanna Wojceik

I am an abstract impressionist painter. My work has many layers within the art piece. This layered effect creates images that you can find within the painting. I want people to look at my art and find something new in it everyday.

15 works | member for 8 Months

Julia Bellamy

Julia Bellamy is a collage artist who lives and works in Brighton. She is a professionally qualified photo designer and graduated from the University of the Arts in Berlin.

511 works | member for 6 Years

Margaret Anderson

I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art/Edinburgh University , in 2014 with a Art, BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting. I am currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

67 works | member for 3 Years

jacob turner

Original art/commissions and photographic prints.

7 works | member for 6 Months

Anthony Falla (Newly Painted)

Abstract Artist, my designs and copied Master Artists like Wassily Kandinsky. I love colour, texture, mood, movement of paint.

107 works | member for 2 Years


Awesome guy

1 works | member for 4 Years

chris manley

photographer artist

91 works | member for 5 Years