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Rita Linney

Yorkshire born, now living in Ireland, I am inspired by the west coast and the Atlantic ocean. I am creating new works continuously. Most of my paintings are available as prints on linen card, the images being the same size as the original paintings. Prints are €15 each plus €6.50 post and package

24 works | member for 6 Months

jacq le breton

Impressionist fine art, drawings, digital art, pet portraits,

142 works | member for 2 Years

Guy Lewis

sculpture in wood and mixed media

45 works | member for 5 Years

Hal Lever

Diverse subjects in various media

164 works | member for 7 Years

Kate Linforth

Encaustic medium, wax, paper, pigment, sculpture

33 works | member for 5 Years

andre Leonard

Painter & Illustrator

140 works | member for 6 Years

robert littleford

travel illustration

87 works | member for 10 Years

Preston Likely

Preston Likely

281 works | member for 5 Years

Tiffany Logan

Nature inspired semi abstract paintings

210 works | member for 9 Years

caroline lees

Icon Painter/Writer

398 works | member for 7 Years

Jill Leman

Colourful still life

56 works | member for 8 Years

Kaye Lake

Original, Contemporary Art inspired by the beauty of Nature

311 works | member for 8 Years


My creative process has taken me from an exploration of family history and culture to a current fascination with experimental self-portraits. Using a range of mixed media I work intuitively and spontaneously to reveal aspects of myself and my heritage, hitherto unseen.

51 works | member for 2 Years

Helen Leake

A humorous and spiritual view of life expressed via the painted medium

15 works | member for 1 Year


Lozzabubbleart - for your journey... Colourful, uplifting spiritual art.

13 works | member for 2 Years