Farrukh Akbar

London based artist interested in expressive and emotive work. Studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL).

Farrukh Akbar

Based in London, United Kingdom. member for 5 Years

A significant part of my practice is rooted in a modern variant of ‘abstracted expressionism’. My current work investigates the duality of the conscious and sub-conscious. This is explored by initiating a dialogue between abstraction and the psychology of colours. This emerging field of enquiry also reflects my research into the post-humanist influences on contemporary art. This obviates a reference to literature, history and philosophy.

The larger pieces explore pseudo-mythical or philosophical properties often with narrative overtones resonating a fantastical or ‘other worldly’ aspect.
Often working with multiple planes and panoramic horizons within the context of an abstracted landscape; drawing strong symbolic narrative associations.
I also continue to research personal, contemporary and social themes; investigating the influence of media, viral and cinematic iconology on art and painting. I have explored how artists have used these iconic images to express social issues through their art; particularly where they aim to avoid any utopian or judgemental overtones and instead try to engage the viewer in a dialogue or initiate enquiry.This investigation includes deconstructing images and analysing them through the lens of psychoanalytical theories and contextualising them with works of other artists and writers.

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