jane adams

I am a local artist, trained and working in Liverpool. As well as developing a growing reputation for my prints of the area, I have also fostered strong links with the local community, through my 'Art for All' workshops.

jane adams

Based in Liverpool, United Kingdom. member for 10 Years

My inspiration comes from my journeys through the city. It is the architecture, humble or grand, and its obvious connection to the past, which ignites my curiosity. Our personal histories are anchored in our geography and a snapshot of a particular place can spark strong memories and emotions. I am always amazed at how Art can arouse such responses and I love being part of the process.

A painting starts as a line drawing. This is then transferred onto tissue paper, which is bleached and left to dry. Once dry, colours and texture are added by collaging behind the image. The final touches are added using water colour, oil pastel, chalk pastel and ink pen

The Crows Nest, Victoria Road, Crosby
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