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Kim Bradley

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Kim Bradley currently lives and work in Baltimore as an artist fulltime. Kim enjoys creating unique paintings incorporating different media to create her artwork. Kims main characters are African women and children from different backgrounds to showcase their beauty.

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Beverley White

Printmaker and painter, wood engravings, linocuts and watercolours.

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Jodi Jones

Jodi Jones is a London based artist. She graduated from Bath College with a BA hons in 1995 and has since been exhibiting in group and solo shows in the Lake District, London and Dublin.

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Mozelle Marks

My art work is about capturing a moment in time brought to life withy vibrate colors and details.

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Quaggy Printmakers


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Simona Bratu

Medicine is Art and art is medicine for the soul. I never thought to sell my art work since I seriously started to paint in oil as a medical student. Now I work as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at KGH and still colour my life and others painting in my free time. The success of the exhibitions organised by enthusiastic people from my hospital in May and December 2016, convinced me to advertise my painting on this website. All the photos have been taken from the original paintings. Please ask for my permission if you want to reproduce or use them before being sold. After the selling, all the rights will belong to the buyer. A 10% of the selling will go to the charities for medical research and help the people in need.

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Limited edition relief prints in a retro style.

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Delcia McNeil

I am a mixed media painting and digital artist creating abstract images with metaphysical themes.

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Corinne Hamer

Expressive vibrant oil paintings

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Robert Bloomer

quirky illustrations of buildings and anything that can be turned quirky. enjoy what you do and make it quirky.

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Melissa Birch


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mr ben

I produce mixed media pieces based around punk and new wave music and iconic images from the golden age of cinema. My techniques include a combination gel transfer, collage, acrylic, inks, and spray paint. I build layers of colour and texture and use cuttings from vintage music press papers and film magazines.

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