Meggie Nikolic

My paintings portray how I see the world around me; the beauty and sentimentality of our life. Each one keeps a special memory and thus has a personal meaning to me. I hope you enjoy them too.

Meggie Nikolic

Based in St Albans, United Kingdom. member for 1 Year

I am a bit of an impulsive artist and often heavily rely on my instincts. My preferred medium is oil which gives me the freedom of spontaneity and the ability to be influenced by the work I am creating. I have been painting this way over the past five years with increasing success. I draw my inspiration from the world around me, and enjoy painting nature – trees, birds, landscapes, especially skies, the most. I am fascinated by light which I try to incorporate in most of my work. All my paintings reflect a personal experience, mood, event, so have a special and individual meaning to me and my family.

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