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Lene Marshall

I love adventure! The greatest thing about art, is that it's everywhere! It is pure, free, authentic and wild. You can take a moment and turn it into a masterpiece! Whether it be music, dance or language, there's a craft to this madness! Experience art and the many forms of it through my work.

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Tracey Watson

I work as a printmaker/surface pattern designer

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Elliot Sibthorp

My art in itself is a style of c in a style I like to call mythological automatic My art is captured

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Pet portraits created using graphite and coloured pencils in a realistic style.

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Beverley White

Printmaker and painter, wood engravings, linocuts and watercolours.

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hello, i am a friendly person who loves art and very prevaledged to engage in different art including drawing, painting and fashion designing. i love to appriciate artwork that is better than mine and also learn from it.

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Andrew p Jones

love drawing in ink using fine detail and lots of imagination. love using all mediums as well. do use colours prefer black and white, shows more detail.

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Jodi Jones

Jodi Jones is a London based artist. She graduated from Bath College with a BA hons in 1995 and has since been exhibiting in group and solo shows in the Lake District, London and Dublin.

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Mozelle Marks

My art work is about capturing a moment in time brought to life withy vibrate colors and details.

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Tim Ellis


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