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Lynette Thorstensen

Finding beauty every day in the Auvergne, France ... painting in large format unusual watercolours and sometimes in oil ...

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Hilary Fawcett

I’m an artist living on the North East Coast. I recently completed a series of paintings which were imaginative responses to archeological finds at an a Saxon site at Loftus in North Yorkshire. At present I am working on a group of pictures concerned with the theme of ‘home’. Exploring my own history, I’m interested in ideas of belonging, memory and time.

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Medium poster size original illustration print

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Stelios Manousakis

Art, science and philosophy enthusiast! Always looking for ways to combine art and science as part of my life philosophy.

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Neli Fuentes

Ideas, facts, feelings, emotions and sensations using creative skills of painting and drawing to get conceptual art.

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Ian Seymour

Watercolour and acrylic paintings of townscapes and rural landscapes.

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lucy dray

Hi! My name is Lucy, I am a self taught artist. I have always had a suppressed desire to paint. But due to home and work commitments, I only produced a dozen or so pictures in 45 years. Then health problems forced me to leave my job in clothing production. I attended a art workshop and meet an artist who's kind words of encouragement set me back on the creative path. I now find time to paint.

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Peterjon Skelt

Artist and book designer

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David Mullins


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Larry Lane Sr.

Folk Artist

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