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Mohd hata

I am a collector of Asian Art especially those from Indonesia and Malaysia . Most art pieces are painted by well known artists or those who have participated in art exhibitions in Asia and or internationally. Most of these paintings have also been valued or assessed for auction purposes by leading international valuers.

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Anna Lockwood


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Countryside art works.

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Lynette Thorstensen

Finding beauty every day in the Auvergne, France ... painting in large format unusual watercolours and sometimes in oil ...

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Hilary Fawcett

I’m an artist living on the North East Coast. I recently completed a series of paintings which were imaginative responses to archeological finds at an a Saxon site at Loftus in North Yorkshire. At present I am working on a group of pictures concerned with the theme of ‘home’. Exploring my own history, I’m interested in ideas of belonging, memory and time.

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Stelios Manousakis

Art, science and philosophy enthusiast! Always looking for ways to combine art and science as part of my life philosophy.

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Flaherty Batiks

Flaherty Batiks is a husband and wife partnership; James and Jude. It started in 2016 as a way for Jude to share her work with other batik artists across the world. As popularity for Jude's batiks has grown rapidly since then and we are now open for business selling prints, posters and cards of her work at reasonable prices.

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Neli Fuentes

Ideas, facts, feelings, emotions and sensations using creative skills of painting and drawing to get conceptual art.

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Ian Seymour

Watercolour and acrylic paintings of townscapes and rural landscapes.

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lucy dray

Hi! My name is Lucy, I am a self taught artist. I have always had a suppressed desire to paint. But due to home and work commitments, I only produced a dozen or so pictures in 45 years. Then health problems forced me to leave my job in clothing production. I attended a art workshop and meet an artist who's kind words of encouragement set me back on the creative path. I now find time to paint.

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Peterjon Skelt

Artist and book designer

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