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Pippa King

Oriental, ancient & mythical subjects with black dogs & boats too.

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Annabel Robb

Oil paintings, drawings and mixed media depicting a tantalizing mix of highly detailed subjects from the natural world combined with the conjured and invented.

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Terry Jackson

Thanks for visiting Drawins' and Scribblins'. I'm Terry; I've drawn ever since I could remember, but it's mostly been just a casual hobby. Recently, I have been drawn to digital art using my iPad and Surface Pro. I also produce pencil and pastel art on traditional canvases. I currently focus mainly on landscapes and architecture.

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I am a self-taught artist who loves colour and a wide variety of subjects, from buildings, to rock stars, to animals. I have a small collection to sell but I also love doing commissions and helping other people's visions come true. I love a challenge and trying something new. I welcome all ideas and will always do my very best to create something both the client and I can be proud of.

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Linda Cash

Artist working in oils, acrylic and clay. I’m interested in how words effect an image and vice versa in art. I’m also applying some of my learnings from poetry - such as letting the work form itself. Although, of course, looking back, every mark, every word has been a decision, conscious or not. Some of the recent work has been about giving in to chance, letting a pot be decorated by fire and smoke in smoke firing. I have a fascination with rubbing back, abrasion, erosion. Something that has developed with my recent working with oxides and slips on clay. I’m often inspired by relationships, current situations, things overheard, things misheard.

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Lucia Zuñiga

Handmade art

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Paul King

City and Travel Photography

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Humayun Talat


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Anna Sorensen Sargent

Award-winning multi-media artist, fabricator and costumier producing 2D and 3D pieces for private clients, theatre, film and Live Action Role Play

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Abstract Artist

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Stanley Williams


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