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Belinda Moore


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Jennifer King

Freelance artist based in Chicago, IL. Specializing in modern, contemporary, abstract, and pop art.

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Ed Nash


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Loretta Kaufman is a visual artist who has produced 3D work in clay, 2D paintings, and mixed media in her 40 year career.

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Sarah Carver

Illustrator/Fine Artist/Graphic Artist

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Lene Marshall


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Stefan Daiberl

Mostly dangerous.

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Barbara Jensen

Original abstracts and landscapes in oil crayon, acrylics, and ink.

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One Handy Witch

Fractal Art, Digital Art, Illustration Photo Manipulation

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Pat Heydlauff

Spiritual artwork resonates with the heart and soul while still life and landscape artwork freezes a moment in time through color shape and design. With lush color and tranquil settings she conveys a sense of peace often reminiscent of a gentler time and place. I am a spiritual artist and impressionistic painter. My vibrant colorist paintings are included in public and private collections.

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karlyn eckman


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Mozelle Marks

My art work is about capturing a moment in time brought to life withy vibrate colors and details.

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The Arnold Lutz Art Museum

American Abstract Expressionist

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Rodney Burns

My name is Rodney Burns. I am an artist. Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I live north of Atlanta, GA and work in the banking and finance industry. One day, I would like to be able to spend most of my time doing what I love. Art has always been a passion of mine. From writing poetry, drawing, painting to wood working, I have always had an eye and ear for detail. I haven't had any special training other than your standard art class in elementary school. Some people are born with special talents and mine just so happens to be art. I love an abstract piece that makes no sense at all, but, makes perfect sense. I, personally, don't feel that every piece of art should have a story behind it. Many of my pieces have no story. I start with a color and do what comes to mind. Sometimes, art is just art.

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Artist - Oil Painting

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