Loretta Kaufman is a visual artist who has produced 3D work in clay, 2D paintings, and mixed media in her 40 year career.


Based in Nashville, United States. member for 3 Years

First Place, Monarch Ceramics Competition (US, Canada, Mexico)
Purchase Award, NCNB Open Art Exhibition (SC)
Merit Award, Anderson Arts Center (SC)
Honorable Mention, The Abstract, International Gallery (Worldwide)
Third Place, Spotlight, International Gallery (Worldwide)
Honorable Mention, Fusion Art (Worldwide)
San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, TX
Westpoint Stevens, New York, NY
Ensemble Musicale Chambre Orchestra, Johannesburg, South Africa
Environmental Research Foundation, Washington, DC
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, SC
Bank of American, London, England
Nashville Jazz Workshop, TN

A Message for Euclid: The Celia Series
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