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An Odyssey
Modern Artist and Contemporary Health Jewellery Designer
member for 5 Years
Old Tree on Exmoor
Versatile artist working in various media.
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Emergence (Strata 32) - Large Original Abstract Painting
Contemporary abstract paintings. Modern canvas art. Colourful still life paintings. Expressive abstract figurative artwork.
member for 4 Years
Bathroom Mosaic - detail of the centre section
Mosaic pieces using primarily recycled materials
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sea slip stream
Tania Corbett has developed a free flowing and energetic use of paint - a direct response to the movement of elements in the natural world.
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Red Ronda
colourful collage,charcoal drawings,commissions.
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I paint semi-abstract landscapes and still life in acrylics or mixed media.on canvas. Colour, texture and shapes are my main interest.
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My Back to  Bowden
landscape abstract
member for 7 Years
Terraced house in Chichester
House Portrait Artist
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Early Morning Light, Cragg Vale
Contemporary landscape and narative paintings on canvas
member for 6 Years
Only Connect
sculpture in wood and mixed media
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Three Balloons
I have been working as a travel writer for many years, but my first love is painting. My travels have influenced my work and I am particularly inspired by mountains, the seasons, clouds, sea and lakes.

I have so far exhibited my work at the following places:

West Berkshire Community Hospital - June 2011

Craftsman, Newbury - July 2011

Newbury Town Hall (as part of Newbury Arts Group) - August 2011

Winchester Art & Crafts Fair - December 2011

My day job is editing the ski information website Welove2ski and running the new web design company Welove2ski Media.

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Encaustic medium, wax, paper, pigment, sculpture
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Last Light
About Inspired by sea, moors and woods, Johns work is full of drama and emotion. The ‘observer’ can experience a feeling of remoteness and ‘sense of place'.
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Another Day in Paradise
Highly varied work, but favouring semi-abstract landscapes and cityscapes
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Liberty Gallery premises
Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
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