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Fallen Angel
thrown and handbuilt sculpture based on seedpods, plants and flowers
member for 8 Years
Green Lady Kneeling
My current works showcase movement through technique, texture and colour and are available as high quality giclee prints and originals.
member for 1 Year
Yew Sleep 11 (asleep in the wood)
Authentic and finely hand carved Welsh Love spoons
member for 6 Years
Paintings which hint at the figurative but evade definition.
member for 4 Years
Inspired by sedge Fen 1
Lively abstracted landscape art using acrylics. Teaches Intuitive Art in small groups
member for 3 Months
Green Swirl
Seashore paintings and digital abstract prints
member for 1 Year
member for 4 Years
serenity head
figurative and abstract paintings
member for 7 Years
Animal paintings
member for 5 Years
The Gate
Mostly dangerous.
member for 4 Years
The girl in the Blue Hijab
Artist, Painter & Occasional Sculptor
member for 11 Months
 Charles I on horseback
Oil paintings
member for 5 Years
Mixed media paintings of flowers and landcapes
member for 6 Years
I was born in a rough area of London. I'm now living in the depths of the countryside but I have an urban soul. I'm fascinated by the contrast between rural and street life. Wheeler dealers in 60's London - people I knew, people I ran to....or from; or a timeless landscape under imminent threat.....
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