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A Eye on the future
I like to drive and take pictures.
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Bathroom Mosaic - detail of the centre section
Mosaic pieces using primarily recycled materials
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The Paperqueen
Children's Book Illustrations
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I'm a fine artist and blogger living in London. I work at Madame Tussauds as a wax artist during the week, but paint commissioned portraits in my spare time. I love chatting to fellow artists, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!
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The Blue Vase
Oil paint artist in Los Angeles.
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Land of Despair
I enjoy painting in Acrylic mainly on stretched canvas and canvas board. I mainly paint in the style of abstract and contemporary.
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`Self Portrait`
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Black Dog Ex 1
Paintings and Calligraphy
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The Dream
I create my pain,my happiness,my future.
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I paint in oil, acrylic and pastel. The subjects I enjoy painting are landscapes, seascapes, flowers and animals. I love colour and this is evident in my painting and photography.
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Toad     by  Judy Evans
An artists co-operative run gallery
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Cool mushrooms
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