Andrew Newton

An existential awareness of the human condition, displaying a visceral underbelly alongside satire.

Andrew Newton

Based in Fleet, United Kingdom. member for 10 Years

I specialize in oil and acrylic painting on canvas and look at combining abstract expressionism with realistic painting in my work. I am interested in social media and the modern image of people/persons through society itself using natural or posed photographic source material.

My work exudes a raw intrinsic quality which is an integral part of my practice.
I guess this reflects the deep and direct aesthetic of my work which my compositions can be a satire on the modern technological derived image of humanity itself.
I use brash bright pungent colours for my expressionistic abstract forms and swatches. This combined with gritty realistic skin tones does make for an interesting impression, and thus a dichotomy of order and realistic structure to complete spontaneous chaos which can be seen as raw sensation vs. ordered sensation.
I have started to use geometric shapes and structured jagged abstract forms in my paintings which segregate the flow purposefully to disrupt the peace of the image creating an enhanced juxtaposition of consciousness.

I’m also interested in the idea of combat and like to tackle themes of boxing and wrestling in certain works. I try to capture the aggressive nature of a sport/fight as well as the sense of isolation and foreboding which also comes with the act.
Its interesting that all my subject matter is related from abstract to portrait to my fighting imagery, where the common theme is uncertainty and using methods to accentuate those properties are evident in my works.
I like to also look at contradiction through subject and painting styles, my work also comes from a perspective of existentialism.

Angel Islington Art Fair 2011
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