Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Cut Book Sculpture Art

Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Based in Bristol, United Kingdom. member for 9 Years

Alexander Korzer-Robinson is a Berlin artist based in Bristol, U.K.

For his artwork he utilizes antique and used materials, with the current focus on altered books.
Through the artistic treatment discarded or unused objects regain meaning in a new context. If there is such a thing as the dignity of an inanimate object, it is restored here through the transformation into a work of art.

“The medium in which i am working is antique books, most of them around a hundred years old. Page by page I go through the book and cut around some of the illustrations.
I don’t move pages or images, in the finished artwork the illustrations appear in the same place as they would in the untreated book.”

Peter Parey's Annual, 1882
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