Sinclair Taylor

Small and larger forms constructed from ceramic, wood and metal and inspired by thought and design processes that lead, for me, to an aesthetic conclusion.

Sinclair Taylor

Based in Weston super Mare, United Kingdom. member for 8 Years

With both my small and larger sculpural pieces, I endeavour to incorporate an aesthetic and sometimes a symbolic or surreal content in order to communicate and initiate a thought process. This line of thought might be stimulated through ‘wisps’ of memory, poetry and visual stimuli like a line of landscape, hints of rooftops, partly opened doors etc; possibly reawakening or holding a moment, a place, an event, a period, the vague recollection of something that is not quite tangible.
The form of each piece evolves through an idea, possibly a shape or a feeling. That is followed by sketches, sometimes maquettes and then a ‘development through making ’ process.
Consideration is given to material, textures and surface finishes. Initially my training was with clay, pottery/ceramics, and the beautiful and creative pieces that can be made using this material. However, over a period of time I have been inspired to incorporate the use of other materials, where I think there is a relevance and relationshop to the subject matter. This decision has enabled me to attempt larger and more adventuresome work and introduced me to the beauty and skills of these other materials such as metal and wood.

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