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Suzanne Hallett


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Vanessa Miller

Vanessa makes unique silver jewellery ranging from small charms, rings and earrings to larger detailed pendants. She is inspired by nature, the world around her and childhood memories. Incorporating gemstones and embellishing with gold, her current collection captures the movement of British wildlife with a hidden detail on the reverse.

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Meggie Nikolic

My paintings portray how I see the world around me; the beauty and sentimentality of our life. Each one keeps a special memory and thus has a personal meaning to me. I hope you enjoy them too.

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Textile Artist with a fine arts backgound

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Gary Emery

Born in 1959 in Brighton, UK. Joined the Royal Navy and became a Physical Training Instructor. After 12 years a serious spinal injury ended my career. I spent 18 years in Canada before returning back to the UK in 2010. My energy went into teaching myself art of which I have always had a passion for. All my works are originals only. Working with Water colour, Pen and Ink, Pencil and Coloured Pencil. More photographs of other works to be added soon.

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Venetia Bell

Hello, my name is Venetia Bell, I am 17 years old and currently studying for my A Levels; Fine Art, English Literature and Media Studies. Art is my life and I am aiming to get into a high-end university in London such as The Slade UCL or UAL- Chelsea School of Arts or St Martins.

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Wai Man Ng


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Mary Phillips


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A person with fascination towards visual narratives, I strive to unfold an image of the untold... Formally trained in architecture (BS), with postgraduate in interior design (MA), born and raised in Macedonia. Seen some of the world and enjoying life.

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Wolfy Trix

Artist, Photographer

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Tracey Watson

I work as a printmaker/surface pattern designer

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Elliot Sibthorp

My art in itself is a style of c in a style I like to call mythological automatic My art is captured in phraseological terms much the undead photographer

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Kim Bradley


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