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Val Cansick

Val Cansick, painter, illustrator and muralist

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Pet portraits created using graphite and coloured pencils in a realistic style.

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tim smith

My work is driven by a fascination with the changing world, contemporary culture and the history of art. These are often mixed together in what I want to be a spontaneous blend of images rich in cultural references, I hope held together by passages of pure painting and lyrical colour in a "new representationalism"

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emma wood

Wildlife drawings and paintings, scientific illustrations and realistic childrens book illustrations

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Nicky Browne

drawings and prints usually based on thematic series. Also featured in cards and minibooks - minibooks are digitally produced 12 sided concertina books, compilations of drawings or prints, 15cm square sold with an envelope.

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Ivona Torovin

www.ivona-painting.co.uk Iwona Torowin Fine Artist - Contemporary Art Professional. Master's Degree 1996. Between 1994 and 2007 studied and exhibited in Poland and Lithuania. Currently resides and works in Manchester, UK.

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Lene Marshall

I love adventure! The greatest thing about art, is that it's everywhere! It is pure, free, authentic and wild. You can take a moment and turn it into a masterpiece! Whether it be music, dance or language, there's a craft to this madness! Experience art and the many forms of it through my work.

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Ruth Cadden

figurative based, inspired by Greek mythology

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Fiona Poynter

Versatile English fine artist and illustrator.

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kenneth clarke

My artworks cover a wide variety of subject, media and styles. I began with figurative drawings and spray paintings that developed into abstraction and textured interior artworks. More recently I have produced a series of scenic landscapes in greyscale aswell as autumn colour scheme. I like to think of my art in a state of evolution and a learning curve that is constantly progressing.

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Colin Bywater

Landscape Paintings in Oils Watercolour and Pastels

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Angela Stanbridge

Paintings & Drawings in a variety of mediums, both figurative & abstract.

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Chris Pendleton

I paint and draw mostly British wildlife

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I paint figurative and landscape

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Rika Chandra

My work is of mixed media, some in Oils on Canvas, watercolour, pencil/Colour pencil, charcoal sketches and conte crayon. Some of the work is inspired by my travels, whilst some are representations from images I have sourced which inspire me. I am at the moment focusing on portraits, and won a special recognition award in this category for my portrait of Gerard Butler. If you would like to commision a peice or portait, please email me with your photograph to info@rikachandra.co.uk Many thanks, Rika

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