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Green Lady Kneeling
My current works showcase movement through technique, texture and colour and are available as high quality giclee prints and originals.
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Original Painting Puffins in Sea Thrift
paintings,watercolour, limited edition, giclee prints, giclee, animal art, nature art, puffins,
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A sunset Impression SOLD!
Sunset Skies Seascapes Abstracts and all genre of fine Art, Commissions welcome.
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Printmake, Painter and Illustrator based in Oxfordshire UK
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080321 (wave)
Abstract, surreal, experimental.
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Seahorse greetings card
Heraldic Artist and Calligrapher. I paint heraldic arms, only those registered with an appropriate authority, and have designed ranges of handpainted illuminated initial letters, heraldic animal cards, original and printed calligraphy works with and printed heraldic animal cards and diamond cards. I am happy to take orders and commissions from individuals and for wholesale orders.
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Spring Reflections, Dunblane Cathedral
Vivid representations of the countryside: landscapes, seascapes and gardens
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Mathematical Corset
I am a printmaker and illustrator. I sometimes combine print with enamel
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From This Place
Fine artist paintings
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A perfect Summer evening at Westminster 2007
Pam is best known for her wickedly accurate sketches and watercolour illustrations
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Lampi di luce nella foresta
I was born in San Gimignano, Italy , in 1955. I studied art and architecture in Florence before starting my job in 1980 as graphic designer.
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Barbara is inspired by her surroundings and human stories of interest. She enjoys observing the characteristics of her chosen subject and presenting them in her own style.
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Baghdad after Guernica
I'm an illustrator and printmaker with a strong interest in digital picture making.
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Bridgnorth & The River Severn
Prints and cards of pen pencil & watercolour of landscape, town views, churches, and other places of beauty. House portraits & church commissions undertaken wedding invitations |& shoot cards.
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Artist specialising in capturing motion
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Toad     by  Judy Evans
An artists co-operative run gallery
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