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Secret of the desert
Abstract oil paintings
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I am a full time mum,who loves painting in my spare time,it is something I am very passionate about and enjoy.
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My paintings are often colorful and I get inspiration from life, nature and people around me.
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The Altar
Contemporary artist based in London.
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104 0091
Handmade, original spray paint art
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I'm an amatuer artist that likes the simple things in life.My artworks shows humor and surrealism.
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Lady with an Ermine
sculptor in wood
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Afro hair 50x60
I’m inspired by the rich and vibrant colours, motifs and patterns of my Heritage. I try to draw on my experience, memories and beliefs as an African Woman merging with other world cultures to reflect the effects of globalisation on indigenous cultures and beliefs. My Art is generally a journey with me as I discover what is to be an Ibo woman living in the west trying to hold on to a piece of myself.
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Paintings of oil on canvas, embroidery, designing of dresses, flower arrangements
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The Target
My name is Marta, I am 29 years old, I'm from Hungary but I live in the UK.Painting is my passion and I'm very excited to share my work here.
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My Universe
I am a landscape and travel photographer and painter of abstract work and landscapes.
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Desert Song full size
Elegant Art iand Portraiture n all media by the Grandaughter of the last Court Photographer to the Habsburgs. What she did for them, I can do for you!
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