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Fallen Angel
thrown and handbuilt sculpture based on seedpods, plants and flowers
member for 8 Years
Sculptor and Photographer melding human and plant
member for 4 Years
Only Connect
sculpture in wood and mixed media
member for 3 Years
Encaustic medium, wax, paper, pigment, sculpture
member for 2 Years
Yew Sleep 11 (asleep in the wood)
Authentic and finely hand carved Welsh Love spoons
member for 6 Years
.Direct to stone sculptor
member for 3 Years
Summer morning with Reflections, Kingsand
Landscape/seascape paintings. Abstract and figurative sculpture.
member for 4 Years
Diamond Cut
Low relief contour maps of pattern and structure in paper and board
member for 2 Years
Garden furniture: Ammonite patio set
garen furniture and sculpture
member for 6 Years
Alison Bull
I have always held a passion for Art Practice although my previous career has been within the Horticultural industry and plant science research. I previously gained qualifications for Horticulture, Applied Biology (Plant Sciences). Since 1998 I have increased my education in art as a change in direction. My specific interests are three dimensional work with kinetic elements, painting, printing, sound art and video. My work aims to show my fascination with living organisms, a constant cycle of new life and degeneration. I consider organic function to be similar to that of a machine and the cycle of time.
member for 3 Weeks
Mr Pexton in Cornwall
Big head character
member for 6 Years
atelier d'art contemporain in Sainte Maxime France
member for 1 Year
Alan is a metal artist specialising in unique one off sculpture
member for 2 Years
To and Fro
2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional pieces in series.
member for 7 Years