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The Paperqueen
Children's Book Illustrations
member for 6 Years
Page from visual diary
character/ narrative drawings, illustration and printmaking
member for 7 Years
Girl In Blue and Green
Painter & Illustrator
member for 3 Years
Home Sweet Home page
Designer and Illustrator
member for 5 Years
Au Charme d'antan
A visual notebook of my travels!!
member for 5 Years
The Ritz
Fimo artist/photographer
member for 4 Years
Quirky Castle
Fantasy and Science Fiction Illustration
member for 2 Years
Metamorphosis II
Julia Bellamy is a collage artist who lives and works in Brighton. She is a professionally qualified photo designer and graduated from the University of the Arts in Berlin.
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BECKS Bottle Print
Age 33 from Derby / Derbyshire Specialising in realistic art (objects) "And much more"
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Old Harry Rocks Sunrise
I specialize in landscape, seascape and architectural paintings in acrylic or watercolour.
member for 11 Months
painter and illustrator in egg tempera
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Orange Season
Paintings of landscapes, cityscapes, greece, seaside and cats.
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Mathematical Corset
I am a printmaker and illustrator. I sometimes combine print with enamel
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A perfect Summer evening at Westminster 2007
Pam is best known for her wickedly accurate sketches and watercolour illustrations
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