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Wire Jewelry Masterclass - front cover
Abby Hook Jewellery Artist
member for 6 Years
Mosaic hand of Aimee
Aimee Harman from Peacehaven East Sussex, Working as a Mosaic Artist for 17 Years.
member for 6 Years
Fleur Earrings with Pearl Drops
Handmade Jewellery in own studio in Cambridgeshire, England. Using Gold and Silver to produce organic, contemporary beautiful Jewellery and Silverware. Bespoke work such as Tiaras , Spoons, Bowls, Medals, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings welcomed.
member for 5 Months
4 flowers necklace
Maker of contemporary sterling silver jewellery
member for 1 Year
Me and my models at the ENLIVEN Fashion project 2013
Handcrafted Jewellery, Clothing and tutorials
member for 3 Years
Eternal Lace and silk wall hanging
Eternal Lace Interior and Fashion Accessories
member for 6 Years
Plume necklace - blue/green fade
Luminescent Silicone & Precious Metal Jewellery
member for 5 Years
Handmade silver book necklace
Handmade contemporary jewellery in fine silver.
member for 4 Years
Etched Earring (reverse side)
geometric silver jewellery
member for 7 Years
captured by eternity
Contemporary Jewellery
member for 6 Years
Spiral 3-arm bowl
Handmade bowls, candleholders and sculptural forms, and jewellery
member for 7 Years
Large countryside necklace, oxidized silver and gold plate
Jewellery Designer/Maker working in silver, gold and non-precious metals. Commissions and repairs undertaken.
member for 5 Years
blue topaz ear studs
member for 1 Year
Single white flower - mixed media picture
I work in a range of media, including print, collage, textiles and jewellery
member for 1 Year