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I am a designer maker of sculpture and functional items such as furniture. I work in Metal,wood, ceramics and other materials
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Alan is a metal artist specialising in unique one off sculpture
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Spiral 3-arm bowl
Handmade bowls, candleholders and sculptural forms, and jewellery
member for 8 Years
Etched Earring (reverse side)
geometric silver jewellery
member for 7 Years
Yew root table
decorative, sculptural, and functional metalwork
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Aqua - year 2009
Bronze sculptures, modern bronze sculptures, semi-abstract bronze sculptures, contemporary bronze sculptures, modern horse sculptures
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blue topaz ear studs
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if a spinner creepe upon him...
Jewellery Designer/Maker
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copper wall clock
handmade copper/pewter/gemstones/glass,clocks,mirrors,sconces etc from
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vintage bus
Surprising magical copper objects about the physical world we live in
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functional art, desk-top sculpture
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Handmade Silverware and Jewellery
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