Kingfisher in the Reeds

This striking image is a Collagraph print made from board and various textured papers to suggest a splendid Kingfisher bird perched on a branch and backed by reeds. After making the design I coated it in button polish to preserve it.
I inked it up using Charbonnel Aqua Wash inks by pushing the ink into all the special marks I had made. Then it was wiped and printed using damp 250g Hahnemuhle on my etching press. The high pressure used results in a pleasing slightly embossed effect on and around the shapes and the plate mark is clearly visible. The inking process is repeated each time which is why the prints can vary a little each time.

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1 Year ago

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Bloxwich Fair
Drusilla Cole

Linocuts, especially reduction linocuts and occasionally etchings and collagraph prints.


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