Under the Gooseberry Tree

By gary smith

Under the Gooseberry Tree

“Under the Gooseberry Tree”
… If us kids kept pestering our parents they would turn round and say ”Go to the bottom of the garden and look under the Gooseberry bush because that’s where the elf and faerie people live. And if you see one and catch them they have to grant you a wish before you let them go. We would sit there for ages, jam jar at the ready…
Limited signed edition of 100 prints.
Limited signed edition of 50. unframed. 1-50.  50cm x 40cm £55.
Limited signed edition
51-100 42cm x 30cm £45.


  • faerie
  • tales
  • myths
  • childhood
  • paintings
  • nostalgia
  • nostalgic
  • art

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40 x 50 cm
3 Years ago

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