The Blackberry Pickers

“The Blackberry Pickers”

..There were times during the summer when free treats would be available, though it meant getting a few scratches and possible torn clothes. When the Blackberries were out we would get together with a few containers and head out to collect some. We usually found plenty along the sides of railway tracks. By the time we got to any brambles the easiest ones had already been picked. There would still be plenty available but it was always risky. By the time we had finished collecting some and eating most we looked like we had just come from a battlefield, covered in red juice and ripped clothes. Still we thought it was worth it…


  • children
  • oilpainting
  • blackberries
  • nostalgic
  • blackandwhite
  • nostalgia
  • summertime
  • fineart
  • childhoodmemories

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40 x 50 cm
oil on board
2 Years ago

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