Private Dialogues on a Public Coffee Invitation

By Janis Rafa

Private Dialogues on a Public Coffee Invitation

Private Dialogue - Video Series

Title: ‘2TH DIALOGUE: I am Ashamed of Being Greek; I Detest that I am Human’

The videos presented in the three screens of the installation are part of the documentary archive “Dialogue Series”.
Like the symposiums in ancient Greece, the “Dialogue Series” is a collection of dialogues and
intellectual discussions developed in the domestic environment of the artist’s family house in Greece, Athens.
The documents are filmed using a passive style with the camera statically positioned, evoking a still framing of the space.
The “Dialogue Series” started since April 2005, contains up to now nine dialogues. (April 2005 – August 2006).


  • invitation
  • coffee
  • installation
  • private
  • public
  • video
  • janis
  • dialogues
  • rafailidou

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