Requiem to a shipwreck

A requiem is performed in honour of a tragic event on the Greek coast. The shipwreck is not a relic of a fatal incident but a forgotten ruin in the landscape. It stands as a monument to tragedy, and a symbol of the many levels and depths of movement in the Mediterranean waters. Death is represented in the work as a result of a greater tragedy, which stays ambiguous and open for interpretation.

With the support of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Municipality Mandras-Eidillias.

Part of Requiems series, 2014-2015. Supported by AFK and Rijksakademie.

5K, stereo sound, 20min (double loop), 2014
2 Years ago

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Janis Rafa

based between Amsterdam and Athens


113 works in mixed mediavideo

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Athens Greece
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