Blue Pool Gold Edition handmade garden table and chairs

By helen nock

Blue Pool Gold Edition handmade garden table and chairs

A Golden Wedding anniversary gift based on the Blue Pool design. 
The client wanted subtle and discrete elements incorporated to signify the occasion and the recipients.
As with all versions of existing works, it began informed by an existing design then it’s individuality emerged as the work progressed.  The golden element insinuates itself in the edge of the table in 24 k Smalti glass chunks embedded in the double slate rim.  Slaking light throws the gold into relief in a way that doesn’t interfere with table surface. The deeply embedded blue roundels and blue Smalti glass rings alternately glow and shimmer according to light levels, and movement casting across the surface. A ceramic plaque with a monogram of the couples initials was created by Sinclair Taylor, and set into one of the chair seats.






  • glass
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Slate, glass, Italian Smalti glass - transparent and 24 k gold, ceramic and traditionally forged ste
8 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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