Snake Beard, Dreadlock or braid ring or bead - Copper - Large

By Abby Hook

Snake Beard, Dreadlock or braid ring or bead - Copper - Large

These little rings are perfect for anyone with a beard worthy of a Viking, dreadlocks that Bob Marley would be proud of, or if you looking for something a bit different to decorate your braids!

They are made from copper wire and have been hand shaped, hammered and then sanded smooth. Once it is finished, the ring is tumbled, to clean and polish it and then hand polished, with an anti tarnish agent, to bring it to a high shine.

These solid metal rings can either be slotted onto the beard as a Viking beard ring, or slotted into your hair and used as a dreadlock bead.

Remove when washing your hair.

The ring has an inside diameter of 12mm and measures 35mm from the head of the snake to it’s tail.

This listing is for one (1) Viking Beard Ring / Beard Bead / Dreadlock Bead / Braid bead.

The diameter of the ring’s hole compared to your beard/hair thickness determines how well it will stay on. You don’t want a bead that’s too large. Using silicone or rubber bands to tie the beard/hair together, and then sliding the ring ontop is also a good way of keeping the ring in place.

Take a look at the last image in the sequence to see how they are worn. Please take note of the stated size and check that it is suitable for you.

This item comes gift wrapped.

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