The Water Carrier tassel pendant

By Abby Hook

The Water Carrier tassel pendant

This necklace is part of my Aquarius series.

The vase is made with sterling silver wire and beads as well as turquoise beads. It is a 3D hollow construction and measures 1 1/4” from the rim to the point at the bottom and 1 1/4” from loop to loop on the handles.

There is a chain tassel coming from the mouth of the jug, representing the water it carries. there are various turquoise beads and chips attached to this tassel, with a shell, seahorse and turtle silver charms. The chain I have used is flattened, so that it gives the impression of water glinting in the sunlight. This tassel is 2 1/4”

The second tassel is attached to the bottom of the vase to add balance to the design. This tassel is 3”.

The whole pendant measures 5” from the loops at the top to the bottom of the longest tassel and it hangs on an 18” snake chain.

This item comes in a gift box.

If you would like to learn to make jewellery like this, have a look at my ‘Aquarius Vase’ tutorial.


  • water
  • turquoise
  • vase
  • necklace
  • urn
  • pouring
  • spilling

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