Hollyhock Haze

This painting is a loose and colourful, semi-abstract interpretation of hollyhock flowers in my garden. The background is heavily textured with soft blends of coloured inks in shades of turquoise, blue and mauve. The flowers are painted with acrylic paints, inks and mediums in tints of pink and white. the painting is done on a vertical canvas with white painted edges so no need to frame.
I have lots of hollyhocks in my own garden, but the idea for the composition of this painting comes from the Red Cross card that was put through my door by them, which was of part of a garden painted by the artist Arthur J. Lyons back around WW1, so it is part in homage to this artist! My technique however is completely different to his painting which was done in oils and features a different background. My painting just focuses on the beauty of the hollyhocks!

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Acrylic and mixed media
1 Year ago

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