Sunglow over the Sea

This is large mixed media painting continuing my Summer seascapes theme…the sun was just going down after a scorching hot day and the warm orange glow was catching the
waves and shore. The orange light made an interesting shimmer on the sand reflected in the receding tide. This painting was inspired by time spent by the sea in Cornwall, watching the sun go down in the evening whilst sipping something possibly a little alcoholic!
Mornings and evenings are always the best time to paint and draw in my experience as I love the light and atmosphere then. I only had time to do a quick watercolour sketch from memory at the time but wanted to interpret this picture on a large vertical scale at home in my studio, so worked in acrylic inks and mixed media on collaged tissue paper and texture mediums glued to a tall box canvas.
There is a lot of texture in this painting and I want the viewer to get lost in the moment and feel the same experience that I did when watching the water catch the last warm light and the glowing colours on the sea, sky and shore. There are vibrant oranges, russets and mauves offset by indigo and deep turquoise.


  • seascape
  • sunset
  • evening
  • tall
  • eveninglight
  • sunsetsea
  • tallcanvas

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Mixed media
1 Year ago

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