Art of Inferior Decoration 2



July, NYFACAB, Group show Bargemon, France
Jan 25, ROND, group show. Participation to ‘Rond’, Centre Culturel, Saint Raphael, France


Aug 5, Let’s Face it, Solo exhibition La Galerie de Stephen Paul, Roquebrune sur Argens
July 2, Meet and Greet at Mugs, Saint Raphael
May 14, Opening Solo exhibition ‘Curiosity’, Fréjus, France
May 6 - 8, Participation to ‘Show One Shot Sculpture’, Fréjus, France
March 8 , Participation to ‘Carré’, Centre Culturel, Saint Raphael, France


Dec 17 - 20, Participation to ‘Le Salon des Beaux Arts’, Salles du Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
Nov 28 - Feb 7, Participation to ‘Olivia Moelo Invite…’ Batterie du Cap Nègre, Six Fours
Nov 13 - Dec 26 ,Participation to ‘Made in Japan 2’, Mairie d’Honneur, Saint Raphael
Sept 3 - 6, Participation to ‘Villefranche sur Art’, Villefranche sur Mer, France
June 28, End of Expo Party, Each Dulwich, London, UK
June, Participation to ‘GOLD’ exhibition, Art Life Gallery, Saint Raphael France, Opening Friday 19, 18h30
May 28, Participation to charity auction sales at Clos des Roses, Fréjus, France for ’ Enfants de Padma’, orphanage in Nepal
Avril, Participation to ‘Doll’Art’ exhibition, Art Life Gallery, Saint Raphael France
March 27, Opening permanent exhibition cabinet radiology Dominique Parmentier, Puget, France
March 12 - 18, Participation to ‘Le Printemps chez Peugeot’, Puget, France
March 8, Participation to ‘Talents de Femmes ‘, Centre de Congres, Saint Raphael, France
Jan 23 - 31, Participation to ‘GREY’ , exposition monochrome, centre culturel, Saint Raphael, France 


Nov, Exhibition in print KOLAJ Magazine,
Oct 5 - Oct 12, Exhibition ‘Dutch artists in France’, Espace Culturel Théoule, France
Aug 31 - Sept 30, Participation to the ’ Biennale in Durres’, Durres, Albania
Aug 1 - Aug 31,‘August in Plan de la Tour’, Solo exhibition during the month of August at Plan de la Tour, France
June - Sept, Permanent installation at Atelier d’Art Olivia Moélo, Sainte Maxime, France
May 24 - Sept, Participation to the summer exhibition ‘Gevleugeld’, Galerie Zwaluwenburg, Elburg,Netherlands
May 4 - June 15, Participation to the Spoleto Biennale; ‘Devoted to Dialogue’, Spoleto, Italy
March 3 - 9, Participation to ‘Liberté des Femmes’ , Espace Culturel de Port Fréjus, Fréjus, France
Feb, Solo exhibition at the Casino in Port- Fréjus, Fréjus, France.


Dec, Solo exhibition at Clos des Roses, Fréjus, France
Nov 23 - 24, Participation to ‘Re-Creation’, Espace Paquebot, Fréjus, France
Nov 14, Installation ’ Le Jeudi c’est verni ‘, at So Creation, Fréjus
Oct 17 - 19, ‘Parallax Art Fair’, Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, London, UK
Oct, Opening permanent installation at Franklins, London, UK
May - Sept, Participation to summer exhibition ‘Concept of Man’ at Galerie Zwaluwenburg, Elburg, Netherlands
April 27 - 28, Collective art market; ‘Le Printemps aux P’tits Châteaux’, Saint Aygulf, France
April - Sept, Permanent installation at Atelier d’Art Olivia Moélo, Sainte Maxime, France
March, Solo exhibition ‘Moving On’ at Clos des Roses, Fréjus France
Feb, Participation to the ‘Naughty Gras’ exhibition, Joseph Sisters Gallery, Leesville, USA

Sept - Dec 2012, Solo exhibition ‘Long Story Short Continued’, Staal, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Summer 2012, Installation at Anjuna Beach, Eze, France
Mai - August 2012, Solo exhibition at Dylans, Rotterdam, Netherlands : ‘Long Story Short’
January 2012, Solo exhibition at Clos des Roses, Fréjus, France : ‘Long Story Short’

December 2011, Solo exhibition at ‘The Gowlett Arms’, London
November 2011 - March 2012, Installation Le Shop 17, Cannes, France
April 2011, Solo exhibition at Atelier Cepalakata, Fréjus, France: ‘The Art of Inferior Decoration’


  • collage
  • exhibition
  • france
  • williams
  • exposition
  • marian
  • fréjus
  • artshow

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2 Years ago

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About the artist

Marian Williams

Of all forms of art, Marian prefers to express herself through collage. Her analog compositions combine acrylic paint and oil paint, original illustrations dating from 1900 till today and three dimensional recycled components. The works, influenced by pop art, dadaism and surrealism, show originality and freshness.


617 works in paintingmixed media

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Roquebrune sur Argens France
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