Requiem to a Fatal Incident

By Janis Rafa

Requiem to a Fatal Incident

The viewer is confronted by another tragedy. A car travels through a desolate industrial area at night and stops near an overturned truck that was carrying pigs. Dead animals lie scattered across the road. A fatal incident, a huge loss of animal life. A premature death ironically, since the pigs had been on their way to the slaughter-house. The subtle camera movement switches from the subjective view of the handheld camera to the objective and contemplative view of the rising camera that is mounted on a crane and surveys the scene from a great height. Finally, a big firework is set off, seemingly dedicated to the dead animals, as though it was a requiem. The scene is a recreation from news coverage.

Part of Requiem series 2014-2016.

Supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Mondriaan Fonds

4K, stereo sound, 5min, 2015
1 Year ago

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