Two initials in purple with thistles on watercolour paper

By ClareMcCrory

Two initials in purple with thistles on watercolour paper

Date of wedding is written below the letters to mark the occasion.


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Gouache on watercolour paper
2 Years ago

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About the artist


Heraldic Artist and Calligrapher, painting heraldic arms in colour or as requested. I accept commissions for heraldry or calligraphy works and am happy to discuss projects beforehand, including for the enquiries for handpainted illuminated initial letters on watercolour paper, ordered for custom wedding or birthday gifts. I also have a selection of 6 x 6"printed heraldic animal cards and 6 x 4" calligraphy message cards. I am happy to discuss any enquiries for possible commissions from anyone interested in any aspect of my work.


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Edinburgh United Kingdom
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