our playground

“Our Playground”
…There was always an old deserted house to investigate. I remember back in the sixties there was one particular large cottage we used to walk past regularly when heading off to the woods. It was occupied by two old women. It had a high wall, big garden and large wooden gate and it was impossible to see into the grounds unless you could peer through cracks in the gate. Eventually the motorway came through and sliced through the row of cottages, cutting off one half from the other. Eventually the cottage became abandoned. We never knew what happened to the occupiers. Then after a while the gates became rotten and broke. We could see into the garden and the cottage was very run down. The roof had holes in and the windows and doors were broken and the garden was overgrown. After a while we decided to investigate ourselves. It was an eerie place for youngsters to be…
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41 x 50 cm
oil on canvas board
5 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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