Chasing Jack

“Chasing Jack”

…If we could find an old pram where the wheels were still round in shape and not buckled then we had hit the jackpot. Building a go cart or Bogie as we called them was a mission itself. We had to find pieces of wood strong enough to take our weight. Fixing the wheels to the Bogie always took some doing and usually consisted of six inch nails being hammered into the wooden frame and bent over the thin axles. The front wheels had a piece of wood across the axle and then bolted in the centre to the main frame so they could turn left and right(in theory for steering, in practice it never worked quite that way). We would stand back and look on with pride once a bogie was completed. Then it was the test run. Pram wheels were never meant to take the weight three or four kids at a time and hit kerbs at speed, they were designed for small babies and were meant to be taken care of. That’s probably why our bogies usually lasted only a couple of days before the wheels bent and the bogie would be abandoned on some waste ground …
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oil painting
6 Years ago

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