Simply Elegant Pendant Tutorial

By Abby Hook

Simply Elegant Pendant Tutorial

Level: Easy
Page count: 12
Steps: 24

In this tutorial you will learn to make this delicate and elegant pendant. You will learn to make a simple wire frame, coil this frame and then add the herring bone weave detail, which holds the bead in place. This is a very quick and yet striking design to make.

Due to the need for precision placement of the wire this is a great project for practicing and improving your wire skills.

Material List:

1 Oval stone bead (approx 2 cm tall 1 ½ cm wide and ½ cm thick)
5” 18 gauge soft round wire
55” 28 gauge soft round wire

Tool List:

Long nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Flat nose pliers
Nylon jaw pliers
Needle or pin
Customer feedback:

Your tutorials are AMAZING. I like to wire wrap, but I have never seen any book/website that is so detailed. I will be back to buy some of the other tutorials soon.
Thank you so very much,
Joleen Boule

I have taken classes on wire-wrapping and even make my own jewelry, but I have NEVER seen better step-by-step directions this good!


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