Kiss Kross Hoop Earrings Tutorial

By Abby Hook

Kiss Kross Hoop Earrings Tutorial

Level: - Easy
Page count: 16
Number of steps: 20 plus 1 page of variations

This lesson shows you how to make a hoop frame with a hinged earwire, which allows the earring to swing freely, whilst closing easily and securely.

The hoops are decorated using my Kiss Kross design (developed from my bracelet) with beads and wire. I have chosen faceted rondells, which creates a dressy look, but you could use any small beads of your choosing, rounds work very well.

This tutorial includes instructions and tips for varying the size.

The size of the hoops in the tutorial is 1” across.

Please read through the instructions at least once before starting.


• 13” of 20 gauge half hard round wire
• 80” of 28 gauge soft or half hard round wire
• 26 4mm rondelle beads


• Chain nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• Wire cutters
• Flat nose pliers
• Nylon jaw pliers
• Sanding pads
• File
• Ring mandrel
• Tape measure


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